Pastor Cyneatha & Steve Millsaps!

We at Community Mennonite are filled with thanksgiving for having been led together and for Cyneatha & Steve Millsaps’ positive response to our invitation. They have joined us in celebrating God’s call for their ongoing involvement with CMC.

Initially we commissioned the Millsapses to ministry in CMC for an interim assignment during which time we hoped to confirm arrangements for their long-term ministry with CMC. (2/25/07) We prayed that God would bless this venture and that all details would be faced in a way that would free them to the full extent of their calling. That has indeed happened beyond  all expectation.

                              On   June   6, 2007  the

                             CMC  congregation con-

                            firmed  it’s desire to have

                           Pastor  Cyneatha  join the

                          CMC  pastoral  team  on a

                         permanent  basis.  We  are

                        thrilled   that  she  accepted

                       our call.  We  are  just as ex-

                      cited   to  anticipate   Steve’s

                     strong   gifts,   especially   as

                    they relate to the needs of our


On June 29, 2008 CMC voted to call Cyneatha to serve full-time as Lead Pastor, beginning January 1, 2009. Pastors Chuck & Bonnie Neufeld are delighted to continue as members of CMC’s pastoral team under her leadership. Click on the “Pastoral Leadership” link for more details.

Pastoral Leadership

Lead PastorPastoral_Leadership.htmlPastoral_Leadership.htmlPastoral_Leadership.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2

for Travis and his parents,
Pastor Cyneatha & Steve Millsaps.
— 8/16/08 —Cyneatha_1_1_09_files/Dear%20CMC%20family%20re.%20Travis.pdfshapeimage_7_link_0